Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 1: Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Learning and discovering in Kuala Lumpur!

The P6 pupils and teachers left Eunos Primary  School at 6 a.m today for their " Nature Escapade 2013" trip.

After a brief stopover at Tuas and the 2nd link for customs clearance, the pupils and teachers headed for the exciting  activities planned  for the day.

To minimize congestion and to ensure that all pupils have a rich and meaningful experience, the pupils were divided into 2 groups.

Group 1 headed to Kidzania and experienced a city tour of KL today while Group 2 headed to FIRM ( Forest Research Institute of Malaysia).

Group 1 will head to FRIM and Group 2 will experience Kidzania and a city tour tomorrow.

Group 1:

The pupils visited Kidzania, an indoor family edutainment centre. It offered pupils with opportunities to role-play different jobs. The pupils earned " Kidzos" ( Kidzania money) for their hard work. Some of the roles the pupils took on were that of radio DJs, Crime Scene Investigators, policemen, firemen, lawyers, doctors, construction workers, tax payers, pilots and even Oreo cookie makers!

" I was a Crime Scene Investigator. I enjoyed interrogating people. It was exhilarating to try out the various new and exciting jobs. Perhaps one of these jobs could end up being my real job in the future."
 Hykal Nerang 6/1

" I enjoyed being a radio DJ. I always wanted to try it out and I am so happy because I finally got to try what I always wanted to try."
Afiq Hazlamy 6/4

" I tried out being a construction worker and it was easier than expected. Of course we used styrofoam bricks instead of real bricks. Kidzania is amazing. I want to come here every day."
Yasmin Stella White 6/3

The pupils then experienced a city tour of the National monument, Sultan palace and Parliament House.

Group 2:

The pupils visited FIRM ( Forest Research Institute of Malaysia), a forest science park which includes a jungle trail, waterfalls, a herbarium and a suspension bridge.  The pupils enjoyed a 1 hour nature trail through the forest and experienced the canopy walk.

" It was fun but scary too. When I looked down, it felt like I was going to fall. However, I did not give up."
Bryan Tay 6/6

" I am afraid of heights but my teachers encouraged me. My classmate, Khan Hung continued to give me encouragement and I managed to complete the canopy walk."
Nabil Rafael 6/2

" We worked together and helped each other to prevent ourselves from falling during the canopy walk."
Trisha Mae 6/5

Both groups met up to have a scrumptious buffet dinner and proceeded to check into the hotel. As the pupils checked into the comfortable Boulevard Hotel in Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, they chatted excitedly about their first day of the trip.

They had discovered new and endless possibilities. Today some of them tried out their dream job for the very first time.

Others found out that if someone believes in you, all your dreams can come true. Their teachers had believed in them and encouraged them to walk across the suspension bridge and try out new job experiences today.

Check out the photographs below:

Reported by:
The P6 teachers


  1. Congrats to the students who had walked through the Canopy Walk bridge! I knew that you all can do it. For students who had gone to KidZania, it is good to hear that you had a great time there to play your dream jobs!

  2. Looks fun! Do take more photographs and post them on the blog! I am getting my class to follow the blog too!

  3. I think Afiqah 'Ammarah is going to try the dj-ing today.By the way nice pictures.

  4. Good to know they are having a great time. ...

  5. Thank you for the regular updates.
    Please upload a photo showing Behlul......